About Us

I grew up with a video disc player. I loved the movies and the video store. As a kid, I knew I wanted to grow up and share that experience. 


The name stems from an abandoned storefront. Particularly the Adventureland signage visible in the windows. That name just stuck with me. 

I got the opportunity to buy a video store and I jumped at it. From there, I set visiting stores and learning from their owners. 

My first store choice fell through. So I rented a part of a larger building. Knowing I could, I was constantly planning my expansion. Willing me to outgrow my space. 

As my house of cards started to collapse, I blamed everyone but myself. After years of soul searching, I know now that I was just young and stupid. More to the point, I was a stubborn daredevil. It would all work out in the end. The customers would love it. 

And I am sure they would have -- had I been able to finish it. The new store, repair shop, arcade, movie lounge, and snack bar would have been. great. But I was way in over my head. 

I really don't regret the experience. What some would say was a $35K mistake. But I got to live my childhood dream and I met nice people. 

Waste no time on regret. We are the sum of our experiences. Who and where you are today was decided by your choices yesterday. Thank you for sticking by my side. 

-- Paul Goodson