Nothing compliments a movie like popcorn. And nothing compliments a home theater-like a snack bar. Now that you have your home theater, we should talk concessions. 

Just like with the home theater, this too can be done on a budget. Again, I am not an expert. I just want to inspire you to take that leap and offer some suggestions.

We already determined the need for popcorn. Pre-packaged is fast and easy. But you will likely want fresh popcorn at some point. Do you want to buy a microwave or popcorn popper?

Now you are going to want drinks. Cold drinks are going to require an iced cooler or mini-fridge?  Likewise, we have decisions to make about serving hot drinks. Pods are more expensive must certainly the most convenient. 

Another must-have is likely to be candy. Candy bars and theater boxed candy are simple. and convenient. Or you might want to go all by spinning your own cotton candy. Like everything, it is all a matter of taste and budget..

Sometimes you will want a quick meal. For me, this is having a pizza delivered. But I also have a roller grill for sausage dogs. Whatever you choose, look for the simplest way to accomplish your goal. 

How you arrange your snack bar will depend on the complexity of your menu and the space you have available. I have a theater-style popper on my mini-fridge.  Grow your snack bar as needed.

-Paul & Dakota


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